Moments: She Gave Me A Fake Name

The best things in life are the personal stories, and ranting. I love hearing people rant.

Me: So how’d you end up meeting your wife?

Barney: There was this girl that was a friend of my roommates in college, and she used to come over and use our kitchen to bake cookies. We’d come home and our apartment would smell of of delicious chocolate chip cookies. But she’d never share any of the cookies with us. It made me so mad!

Me: That sounds awful. Did she just eat them all herself?

Barney: To this day we still have no idea, but one time we finally mentioned it to her as adults and received a huge box of cookies in the mail. Anyway this girl knew my wife. She suggested that we all see a game together, and I think I drove while looking back at the rear view mirror there was my future wife in the back seat. We thought after the game the girls were going to come back with us and hang out, but they decided to stay for another game. So I tried calling her college and inquiring about Brigette that I met to find out that she had given me the wrong name! Then I tried calling the dorms, and luckily the dorm person that answered the phone was her friend and knew of our first double date and the name swap and gave me her number.

Me: Oh man, did you ever ask your wife why she gave you a fake name?

Barney: She said it was just for fun.

Me: Ha!

These are the things you learn from people at altitude when you’ve been hiking for 4 days straight. The best pre-internet dating story I’ve ever heard.

Barney taking a siesta on one of our hiking breaks.

Barney taking a siesta on one of our hiking breaks.

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