Moments: So Goods

When a friend in South Africa scores you tickets to a show in Mountain View…

Matt: Hey Jessica! Bit random, but I’ve got 2 tickets to Rascall Flatts & Kelsea Ballerini @ Shoreline for 7 July. Would you by chance like them? Free! I got them from a friend for my sis but she’s unfortunately not feeling well enough to go.
Me: Oooooh that would be the amazing!
Matt: I’ve got one person who’s said they’re gonna let me know soon. If they’re not going, they’re all yours. If they can go I’ll still ask the friend who had a few more to give away. 😃
Me: Oh no worries if they are taken.
Matt: Totally wish I could be going…but the flight isn’t worth the tickets haha.
Me: Yeah totally. Lol.

Matt: Tickets are yours if you’d like. 😀 Any chance you’ve got a colleague that stays in Fremont that they could give the tickets to bring in to you?
Me: Oh hrm, I don’t mind going to fremont to get them. Thank you! I haven’t been to a concert in forever. I’m stoked. Now to figure out who to bring.
Matt: Hopefully it’s not all teenagers…😂 Shorelines summer concert series are fun.

Then I realized I had double booked that night and already had dinner plans. Talked to Bailey about whether he knew anyone from his intern group that would want to go to which he responded.

Bailey: Country? Who listens to country?

Emily stopped by my office and I let her know about my predicament.

Emily: Why don’t you just tell Matt you already had plans and see if he wants to give it to someone else?
Me: Oh you mean the straight forward approach. Ok.

Back to Matt…

Me: Oh noes I forgot a dinner I had booked. Do you know anyone else who would want the tickets?
Matt: I’ll ask around again. Feel free to ask your friends too though?
Me: Ok will do! I’m going to post on the fbs.

Within seconds of posting to Facebook… Deb chimes in that she would like them and asks how much and I respond with the amount I paid for them. Free! I arrange to give them to her in a meeting I’m hosting the next day. Yay. Tickets not wasted. After the meeting the next day…

Deb: Thank you so much for the tickets. I’m usually not on Facebook that much but I happened to login between meetings and see your post. You know I had wanted to take my daughter to this show with the whole family, but didn’t have a chance to get tickets so this was perfect. We only needed two more tickets to join the other four that we had. Thank you again.
Me: My pleasure.

Thanks Goodie for being generous and hooking me up with the tickets so I could make Deb’s day. It always feels really good (pun so intended) to be able to make someone’s day, especially Deb who is like the sweetest lady at work.

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