Moments: Punched in the Lip

D: I’m sad you don’t smile anymore.
Me: I tried to at the holiday party.
Me: Then my mouth was all cut up. Lol. Now everyone gets RBF.
D: The first day I saw you it looked like someone punched you in the lip. That was from the braces??? I didn’t connect the two.
Me: Yes!
D: I was like … awwww, poor thing. Braces and something going on with her lip. Yikes. Hahaha.
Me: Pain has wiped the smile from my face.
D: But they’re the same damn thing!
Me: God D! lolol
D: hahaha
Me: This convo is going on my blog.
Me: 😛
D: I don’t approve. We can talk freely because we’re friends.
Me: I’ll use your initials.
D: Sigh. Ok.

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