Toys for Tots

The holidays turn a normally sparkly shiny me a horrible grinch. A long story for another time. Despite this feeling, if there is one thing I do love about the holidays it’s buying toys for Toys for Tots. My work participates in this every year at one of our beer bashes and for that I’m really appreciative.

Back in 2014 I explained a bit of why I feel the way I do about Toys for Tots during one of my Shop-stinance posts. Here’s the relevant snippet from that post.

Growing up in Oakland, California to two immigrant parents, at best you could say we were lower class. My mom started out working retail while my dad slaved at away at flea markets during the day peddling random wares and studying at night. They put my dad through grad school while working full time with two young children.

At school, I was robbed or threatened on a daily basis. Knowing this, my parents saved as much as they could to have us move three schools before 2nd grade, just so they could be certain that my brother and I were in a safe environment. Before I became a teenager, my mom suffered a disability and we became a single income family. We were those children who played with toys in stores and didn’t get to take much home, but we understood.

During the holidays I go out and spend several hours picking out things I think kids would like for Toys for Tots. All children should have new toys they want on Christmas. Just like everyone else, there are causes I believe in, relate to, sympathize with and when I feel so moved, I participate whole-heartedly. I don’t expect or pressure friends to do or feel the same way about the causes I support.

Last year I headed out of town before the beer bash, but Ted was kind enough to help take the toys I bought to the event.

These are some of the things I got for the kiddies this year. Also special thanks to Brian for helping out with a Disney discount so I could spend the same amount this year but get more expensive things for the kiddos.

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