Point Reyes, CA

Every year around my birthday I try to take a day off to explore and take photographs. My inspirations usually circle around a couple main subjects which always are visually stunning: abandoned places, architecture or landscapes.

For 2010 I had come across a photo on Flickr when looking for my next subject matter and immediately cheered, happy to have found my next target.

When I had visited, there was an address for the location, but upon plugging that into GPS I was lead astray on a wild goose-chase into a National Park in Inverness. Now however there is this Yelp review of the place to help you on your way. Personally, I still preferred using the GPS lat-longs as I felt they were more accurate, here you go: 38.0977025, -122.850664.

Upon arriving there is a shop right in front with a gravel parking area, I would swing back and buy a drink here just so that I maintained good citizen standing and immediately skipped over a short wall and tried not to break out into a run on the bank to get to the boat.

As I approach, there is a guy also here on a random Friday doing exactly what I’m doing, and I laugh to myself thinking he must be my soulmate.

Point Reyes California Abandoned Boat

Gave him the courtesy of getting an abundance of shots before moving in on the boat. As I approached he tells me to be careful and looking down I realize what he means. There is no way to get closer to the boat without crossing wide waterways, and I had stupidly been wearing light colored ballet flats of all things. He points out the thinnest part of the waterway with a split mound in the middle as where I should cross. Then makes it over directly across from where I am and reaches a hand out to help me skip across. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” I thank him profusely and we continue to take shots.

Shortly after he departs, and I’m left with this stunning boat. These are the gifts that I love to give myself for a birthday: a kind stranger, beautiful boat, and inspiration.

On the way home I also stopped by to take some snaps of the Golden Gate as it’s a gorgeous day.

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