Tasty to Go – Arcadia, CA

Perfect chemistry.

It’s so rare and special to have the stars align for a moment, a perfect combination of interactions, harmony, and tastes, that whenever it occurs I just want to savor that moment as long as possible.

My first experience at Tasty To Go was exactly that. It was magic, kismet and fate. We were driving around Arcadia after being disappointed with the dumplings at Din Tai Fong. We had some time to spare before going to watch a movie. The best idea to do whenever there is free time? Eat more! Obviously.

LK cracked out the Yelp iPhone app and we found this place had raves for their shaved snow ice. Off we went immediately to test the truth of all these statements. Arriving there shortly, we discover that it’s located in a strip mall that looked sketchy but is harmless. We decided to order the mango shaved snow ice and added strawberries and mochi. When we got down to trying it, the ice was the most amazing texture that I have ever tasted for snow ice. It was shaved in such a way that it wasn’t icy, but smooth. I’m not even sure how they did this. Every bite with the perfect consistency, my company was excellent, and there was free Wifi! Honestly, that moment couldn’t have been better.

I went back about a month ago, but it just wasn’t the same as that first time. They ran out of strawberries we tried the green tea flavor but it wasn’t as good as the mango for me.

But Tasty To Go, you really make me think that maybe I shouldn’t be so concentrated on holding onto the magic that was that first moment, rather I should be appreciating the magic and enjoyment of every moment I’m in.

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