Room with a View, San Francisco, CA

When I feel like taking someone out for drinks, I want to have a conversation, instead of wriggling my way to the bar through a sea of bodies. Bars to me represent people who are partially writhing to the music that is so loud my company has to yell unintelligible words, because I am afflicted by what I call “club deaf” (cannot hear anyone within a club no matter how loud they are yelling).

One of my favor places to take guest from out of town who are visiting San Francisco is The View Lounge. Located on the 39th floor of the Marriott on 4th and Mission, is just the perfect place for conversation and if you go on a clear day you get a spectacular view. Grab a seat by the window and stay just past dusk. It’s also a perfect date place, with romantic lighting.

The curvature of the floor to ceiling windows in a half dome straight out of a Batman caper where a gala is being held by the Bruce Wayne foundation for some charity, just before the Joker’s henchmen break in and hold everyone hostage. The waiters will come to your table, so you never have to leave the beauty for a minute. Decent selection of drinks, the cocktail menu changes, but has always had tasty fruit based items, I had a refreshing Ginger Pear drink last time I went and the time before a Mango Mojito.

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