DIY Earring Frame

I started this project because finding my earrings for a night out was an arduous task. Earrings existed in drawers and boxes in various locations throughout the bedroom and I just didn’t really have a good inventory of what I owned. When I finally pulled everything out, I realized my collection had a lot of the same motifs for the details. To maintain “thevalue” in my earring spending and get a better visualization of what I owned I generated basic criteria for this project.

  1. A pretty way to both display them to add to the decor of my room
  2. Keep things organized
  3. Be able to see everything I owned

While I don’t find anything wrong with the options that we have to display jewelry now, I really wanted something that would fit in with the style of my room more than the below options available for purchase.

To make my DIY Earring Photo Frame, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Backless frame
  • Stitching fabric in oatmeal or white
  • Staple gun and staples

I went to Michaels to get the backless frame at 40% off, and used the 50% off one full priced item coupon (super easy now that they scan coupons from your smartphone) to get the stitching fabric.

I removed the protective backing on the frame that it came with, then cut the stitching fabric with an excess of a half inch to the size of the frame. Make sure to buy staples that don’t exceed the width of your frame, so that you aren’t punching through it. Then pulled the fabric taught on the frame while stapling and voila! Project complete. I actually think it took more time to line up all my earrings than actually building it.

Check out the gallery below for visual step by step instructions.

Additional info:
The reason I opted for the stitching fabric, is that it’s more taut like paper vs any other fabric that would be looser on the frame, or that would need to be pulled extremely taut on the frame. The second benefit is that it already has perforations for where you would normally be stitching and the holes are perfectly sized for stud earrings.

Also when buying a staple gun I read many negative reviews about staple guns getting jammed and what a pain it was to use. I highly recommend my Arrow Fastener Co 5700 PowerShot Heavy Duty Staple Gun, it had no issues.

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