Shop-stinance: Day 19

Day 19: I might have spent all last night binge watching the whole Season 1 of Orphan Black. Both my facebook feed had been and random commercials had been overrun with advertising for it.

TV Math: 10 eps x ~45 mins each = 450 minutes / 60 mins = 7.5 hours. Wow!

This morning I awake, and no sore throat, although still a runny nose. yay. Didn’t get to finish the season finale ep, because I passed out, so instead I swapped my normal shopping hour for watching more. It’s getting easier and easier to avoid emails as a temptation.

After I finished watching and getting ready for work, I suddenly remembered this morning that dulce de leche should be ready! I was already running a bit behind, so instead of getting a taste that would have to wait. Threw the still warm mason jars into an ice bath and then into the fridge, for a moment I was worried that the sudden change of temperture would cause the jars to crack, but I was in a hurry and did it anyway. No issues for the moment.

Work was the normal Monday busyness. At lunch I meet up with my personal trainer whereby I again rave about Orphan Black. I have then since raved to 10 people so I might as well do the pitch here as well.

Downtrodden rocker girl with no money to her name is on the run and at a train station when she sees a woman slip off her classic patent pumps, put down her purse and what looks like an impending suicide. Rocker chick (Sarah) runs up to the well-dressed woman to intervene, but when the the woman turns around, she realizes she’s facing her twin. Subsequently the lady jumps into the train and is killed, Sarah then decides to steal her bag and identity. Hijinks ensue.

They day goes by relatively quickly, since I had 6 meetings in the afternoon. For a brief moment I have distracted by a want of these:

Foodie Dice Decide what to noms on via dice rolls.

Foodie Dice
Decide what to noms on via dice rolls.

How cute is this jar made out of a recycled wine bottle let alone the typography on the labels. This screams at me to take it home. But it can wait, after all the practicalily of the situation is that I won’t have those food items around to easily make meals with and then I’d have to go buy them.

Early in the day when I was lamenting to Joshua about the difficulty of writing a post each day when shopping becomes less and less of a temptation. In turn Joshua mentions that he has never fully understood why I have so many new with tags items. I’ve briefly touched on the topics before but I thought I’d summarize them more in detail here.

Three things help explain this:

  • The Game
  • Divergent
  • Visualization

Yes, I mean the pick up artist book The Game and then tv show based on the book. In the show the average joes learn how to create a caricature of themselves that interesting, fun, and non-threatening. Part of what they are wearing is their arsenal. In essence you dress for the person you’re trying to be.

I follow similar rules when picking out something to wear. I concentrate on a detail, whether it be a pleat, tapering, seam, cut, drape, or pattern, something of the item has caught my eye. The detail is not just a brand. Something about this one aspect of an item tells a story about who you are why you picked it, how it made you feel, and how this item helps move towards some aspiration of the person you’re trying to be/convey.

Four from Divergent says it best, “I don’t want to be just one thing. I want to be brave and selfless and intelligent and honest and kind.” In fashion, I don’t want to be just one thing for my personal style, I want to be classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian and avant garde, even though I generally lean towards a combo of chick and bohemian.

Between the first two things I’ve picked an item whereby I’m in love with an awesome detail, fits impeccably, but doesn’t necessarily mesh within my personal style. For example, I have this whimsical Betsey Johnson button up dress in black that features bolts on it. Yes bolts! Like the the kind in Frankenstein’s head. Whenever I try it on it fits perfectly and is flattering, but I just can’t think of an occasion whereby I need to be this person. As I’ve mentioned before, it also comes with beloved metadata on how it was chosen and why it’s special, therefore I didn’t send it back within the return window.

Finally, a broad estimate is that I have over 1500 wearables. I lose things in my own closet via an incomplete visualization process. I tend to wear things in waves because they are on the top of the dome, and I suspect that other people do the same thing. Recall for me becomes easier when you have more recently worn something, or when you’ve received a compliment on an item.

Between the above three things, I haven’t committed to removing the tag. Removing the tag should only be done when you are ready to wear an item, otherwise you can return something or sell it for a higher price on ebay.

P.S. Upon arriving home I finally crack open the dulce de leche, whereby I eat 4 huge spoonfuls of it. The flavor is deliriously perfect.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

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