Shop-stinance: Day 22

Day 22: Woke up and finished off packing, which took up the normal hour of shopping. Deleted all shopping emails. It comes so easy now, that it’s almost a joke.

Work was pretty busy today, so I spent most of my time prepping for meetings and making sure to send out the notes. My projects are coming to a perfect storm right about now.

After work headed straight for Jen’s place. We had chosen to take the red eye to NYC, so we still had time for dinner at our normal pre-vacation soup dumplings from Shanghai Dumpling in Millbrae. As we get to the freeway exit we notice Off the Grid has a location in Millbrae now and immediately decide we want The Chairman’s wonderful pork belly buns. Goodbye sweet soup dumplings. To finish it off we decide we need ice cream desserts from Garden Creamery. I order the nutter butter peanut butter on a sugar cone and snarf it down with a quickness since it was a little chilly. Saw a couple dates going on where the women are wearing dresses pretending not to be cold, as I mind hug my warm fleece hoodie .

At the airport Jen and I get situated with our work computers in a swanky new area we haven’t seen at SFO.

Swanktify SFO

Swanktify SFO

Brian then arrives commenting that he can always find us by our computer usage in public places. He’s trying to catch our same flight on standby with a discount ticket he got from his dad. All week we were slowly watching the standby tickets slowly depleat. The flight is full and there are 17 people on the wait list. Jen and I head onto the plane and bid Brian goodluck.

Brian texts me that he didn’t make it. Luckily Jen had already checked on the United app that he did make our flight and he’s sitting next to me. LIAR. End up watching Thor: The Dark World until I fall asleep midway.

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