Shop-stinance: Day 3

Day 3: 9:45am Still in bed. Quick glance at Facebook feed, no new temptations there. The rest of yesterday went super smooth and easy with the amount of non-shopping related activities. Made a sous vide lunch with my Nomiku of lamb chops served with avocados and blueberries on the side.

Met up my personal trainer Lisa at the gym for an hour, then took a nap before getting ready to head up to San Francisco for a birthday dinner at the beautiful and tasty new restaurant Trou Normand.

Upon checking in on Foursquare (I do this so that I can remember every place I’ve eaten), a friend asked if Trou Normand translated to Normand hole, and the implication of whether I was eating in someone’s hole for dinner. Fun fact: En français, the phrase “trou normand” translates into— a glass of spirits that you have in between courses to aid digestion.

I digress. After posting this yesterday I got a lot of questions like:

  • Why are you torturing yourself? Why don’t you just block these websites?
  • You shop every morning before work? How? What? Why?

Firstly, I don’t really think of it as torture, as I mentioned earlier it’s a personal challenge, probably to understand more about myself (I think?), but really why not?

I’m guessing at least it will save me some money in 40 days. I already do have more than what I need, and could get by with fewer purchases. I know how to block my browser from accessing the websites I frequent most, but why should I? I like looking at new things and keeping up with the joneses. Knowing about new things should be an entirely distinct thing, from buying them.

Secondly yes, I shop every morning. The process is the following.

  1. Scan facebook for anything interesting fashion related
  2. Then take a gander at personal email. Almost 95% of my personal emails are shopping related. I employ the zero-inbox process where I normally scan/process every email before deleting or filing. I recently read an article about how email marketing campaigns are on the decline, clearly I don’t fit the norm here.
  3. From email I’m lead on a shopping time warp of links to pretty things that make my eyes jump for joy. Normally I would just buy them, but for now I’ll try pinning them to Pinterest instead.

By the time I’m done with the process, it has been about an hour and I get out of bed and get ready to head into work.

Back to today, and time to go through emails.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue— Email dedicated to M Missoni, whose line is mostly too busy for my personal tastes. I feel like their bold patterns should be limited to making pillows and rugs. I’m sorry, but no one should ever look like a diseased purple python as seen below. Especially for $745.
  • M Missoni One-Shoulder Python Dress

    M Missoni
    One-Shoulder Python Dress

  • West Elm— They have a bedding sale event. No interest here.
  • Bluefly— 40% off. But their main promo image just isn’t that appealing.
  • Crate & Barrel— Easter Sale. Meh.
  • Fab— Furniture, albeit well designed, I am currently not of any need for more furniture, but I click through anyway because it’s pretty and then end up on the homepage where I spot umbrellas! And then become enamored with this lovely spotted creation. Wah I lub you, but I have no need for yet another umbrella.
  • Blunt Mini Black Blunt Mini Black

And then I revisit another one of my loves on the Fab site. Jewelry Holder Guns In Bell Jar
Jewelry Holder
Guns In Bell Jar

When I see this my mind is taken to a place of opulence and danger, where jewelry dangles, twists and surrounds these two perfectly porcelain pistols and then hijinks ensue in a lady version of Scarface or The Godfather. Or you know, it could sit on my dresser, same diff.

  • ideeli— Scroll, scroll, see L*Space swimwear which I normally think is lovely. Took a gander, but nothing special today and I’m moving on from here.
    hautelook— Nothing catches my eye. But generally I love ordering here because they have free returns to Nordstrom Rack instead of paying for return shipping.
  • William Sonoma— Grill pan on sale and there is a separate email for vitamixes. Meh. Overkill much on the emails Will?
  • Gilt— Nothing to feel guilty about.
  • Google Shopping Express— I can never find enough stuff I want to buy here. Today is no different.
  • Flor— Carpet tiles, yes I get emails for this. Previously bought some neat ones for the garage, every so often I take a gander to see if there is anything new here, but not today floory friends.

Ok day 3 I p0wned you. I felt almost no real temptation to buy things through the normal process. Yes, I found things cute, but generally nothing really sparked my interest. Maybe this won’t be so hard after all.

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