Shop-stinance: Day 4

Day 4: Last night, I almost ended this whole thing.

On a whim I decided to google for a pair of rag & bone jeans that Patricia had suggested as the best pair of black skinnies ever. I find that they are on sale at Neiman Marcus from $187 to current price of $112.

Am suddenly riddled with consternation, and the imaginary devil sitting on my shoulder urges me to make the purchase. It never helps that I have always memorized at least one of my credit card numbers, so any online purchase is just a swift number pad away. “Who would know anyway?” Ugh. I would know and lying on this article would have defeated the purchase, I mean purpose. Instead of the buy, I ended up making myself to go sleep.

This morning I wake up, and look again since I’ve both pinned the item and left it open on a Safari tab. It calls to me, and I am just about to pull the trigger when… I notice it’s not the right pair of jeans. They are different. The ones Patricia sent are called Plush Legging Jeans, these are only The Legging Jeans, Blackout.

Crisis averted, mostly. Except in the “You may also like” recommendations section there is a plethora of AG Jeans on sale. I have been a fan of AG Jeans for the past 2 months after being obsessed for a weeks with the perfectly ripped jeans Olivia Palermo wore here:

The AG Adriano Goldschmied “The Legging Ankle in 18 Years Destroyed”

The AG Adriano Goldschmied “The Legging Ankle in 18 Years Destroyed”

Was talking to another fashion cohort Emily [@thestylishgeek] about these jeans for a couple days (and their steep pricing) prior to seeing Instyle feature them in an article.

What I love about them aside from the color, is the placement of the rips are asymmetrical and also not torn all the way through. Wearing them feels most like wearing that perfect cotton tshirt you never want to throw away that has been aged to comforting perfection. They don’t offer this version of the jeans anymore, but I was able to acquire the 16 years destroyed jeans on eBay at a more affordable price.

Quickly scan through Neiman’s sale section for AG Jeans, and the only items that catch my eye are not available in my size. Nice! Shuffled through the rest of emails quickly today without anything catching my eye. I have a ton of errands to do today where sitting around shopping doesn’t seem like a practical activity.

Yesterday was also a day of thinking about loopholes. This article has stirred up many a conversation about— shopping no less. You tell people that you’re giving it up and then all they want to talk about with you are other things they also want to buy.

Brief chat with Faniel about the 4k Samsung tv I was lusting after, brought up the idea of loopholes. After all, deposits don’t count as purchases do they? Our conversation goes as the following:

Me: Deposits aren’t purchases right?
Him: You are serious
Me: 😛
Him: I wouldn’t consider the deposit a purchase
Me: Somehow I might wrangle financing as not a purchase either so I can get around the rule.
Him: Well if you don’t have to make payments on it during the 40 days… that could be a valid argument 😉

I mean honestly, I haven’t “bought” anything fully unless it’s all paid off. Yea, sure let’s go with that. With that in mind, later today will be spent looking at tvs again and maybe a new car.

Yay for loopholes!

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