Shop-stinance: Day 30

Day 30: Wake up thinking today is going to be great. Spend 15 minutes chatting with Joshua before work about the amazing performance from Sandra Oh we saw on Grey’s Anatomy as last night.

I had checked work emails last night just to make sure there were no issues lingering. When I check this morning, silky smooth was not to be true, as nothing comes out as perfectly as it does with the Nomiku.

We forgot something. A couple hours go by of detective work and we’ve found what’s missing. Things resolve within a couple minutes after that. I go back and document the hell out of my current wiki.

It’s now past 1pm and I miss meeting up for lunch with Linda who is visiting from Singapore. Text her my apologies and I promise her that I will see her early next week no matter what.

Spend the rest of the day waffling between how I would really like to buy something today and not, while trying to catch up on work. Stress makes me want to reward myself.

When I get home I don’t go upstairs but instead sit in my office and begin to sort and eBay a bunch of childhood toys. In my box dedicated to Pokemon, I find this adorable Psyduck that was given away in Burger King Toys in 1999. I can still remember in college making my way down to Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley to the Burger King, in attempts to “Catch ‘em all”. Since then, the Burger King in Berkeley has been replaced by another restaurant.

Psyduck has a headache again. Psy yie yie.

Psyduck has a headache again. Psy yie yie.

While a lot of the toys are easy to list as most of these items I never played with, this Psyduck is particularly adorable and I hesitate on listing him, not to mention that he’s doubles as a water gun.

Digging through more boxes I find these treasures:



In my youth I never valued buying an album, it didn’t seem to be the value. However, I did invest heavily in cassette singles. Looking at the back of the Toni Braxton one it says 2.99 from The Warehouse. How times have changed. Now I can just click a couple buttons from my computer to preview and buy music instead of taking the bus to our local mall, run into a gang of other teenagers doing the same thing and put on unsanitarily shared headphones to sample an album before buying. When a new album came out, we’d have to wait in line just to listen to it before buying tracks off of it.

As I’m cleaning I suddenly realize that I’m 3/4 of my way through this shop-stinance. This almost derails my eBay activities as I think about adding things to cart to hold for 10 more days, so that after that final day I can just click it and be done with it. I again hold off this desire by turning to Pinterest again.

Take a look at Medium stats, and realize that along with reaching this major 3/4 milestone today I have past 1k visitors to Shop-stinance. Which I’m sure is just the same 10 friends of mine refreshing the page each day, but I don’t care. Thanks for coming along with me in this journey. 10 more days till I can buy things!

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