Shop-stinance: Day 29

Day 29: I got up early, but took my time getting ready for work. Today was going to be a long haul. My 2 month long project is going to launch. I lazily looked at the web and eased myself into the day by reading celebrity gossip.

Brian is in Los Angeles today visiting his parent company. They get discounts to Funko Pop toys. He asks me what I want him to bring back and I really want the mother of dragons from Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, as well as Nightwing from the Batman series. He reminds me that I can’t buy anything. Damn it. I forgot. I pass on the toys.

Once at work I join the launch chat that I started yesterday and send out an email for the commencement of ceremonies. Launch day is actually my favorite part about working on any project. The secret of today is the singular chat room where coworkers attend from across the globe, people you have never meet in person and getting to conduct a course of actions harmoneously together as I had envisioned and planned for weeks. Then world gets to see all this coordination come together like magic. This day, while exhausting, rocks my world so much. If you haven’t realized by now, I like to organize “all the things”.

Everything goes by super silky smooth, almost as good as homemade dulce de leche. We wrap up a little later than expected, but still, no issues. Happiness surges like energy through me. Now I’m realizing I might have fibbed above. While coordinating launch day rocks my world, my truly favorite part about finishing any project is thanking the people that helped me make it happen. Today everyone was kind, helpful, knowledgable and fun to work with. Craft up and send a short message to my team of work experts to applaud them.

Normally to reward myself, I would turn to my Pinterest and buy myself something lovely. In this respect of normal habits, I do indeed miss shopping as a milestone and representation of a task completed. Instead I settle for second best: take-out of my favorite sashimi dinner. Pick that up on my way home and then settle in to catch up on Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy. #burkeisback



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