Shop-stinance: Day 32

Day 32: While Saturday was incredibly productive in terms of pampering and getting chores done, Sunday started out with a great sluggishness. Woke up at 7:30am, but forced myself back to bed until 11:15am. Every time I’d wake, I’d flip positions and sleep some more. I didn’t have to be anywhere till noon for Bonnie’s birthday.

When I finally got up, I needed desperately to put away the piles of laundry that I had washed yesterday, as the wrinkly clothes mock me from the basket. Normally while putting away laundry, I need to multi-task by watching Hulu on the iPad mini to make the activity more mindless and fun.

Andrew Garfield on SNL does a mean Justin Timblake

Andrew Garfield
on SNL does a mean
Justin Timblake

Since it was a low key event at Bonnie’s house, I decided yesterday while at Costco that I would bring 6 lbs of strawberries and the extra mason jar of dulce de leche that I still had in my fridge. Besides, I now try to mention dulce de leche as much as possible in normal conversation because it sounds fancy and luxurious, despite being ridiculously easy to make with the Nomiku. When one says warmed condensed milk, it just doesn’t resonate with the Bourgeoisie that we pretend to be, nor does it sound as tasty.

At Bonnie’s we sat in her backyard and overate in the warm sun. It was nice to catch up as I hadn’t seen everyone in a while. Got to have a normal rant session with Annie about various topics along with telling her about Shopstinance, congratulate Vivian in person about her recent engagement, and see how big Ellie has become.

Belly full, I started drifting off into thought as I watch Bonnie and Tyson interact with Ellie and think how difficult and yet rewarding parenting is. I remember going to clubs and the beach in LA with these two or traveling to far off countries, but now their world revolves around this beautiful and intelligent little girl. I wonder wistfully if this will ever be in the cards for me, before shaking away the thought with another piece of red velvet Nothing Bundt Cake.

Brian heads off to play softball, and I offer to take Annie home so we can have more time to catch up after eating cake. On the way back we talk more about Shopstinance, as she declares how hard it would be for her, including alluding to the same thought about how the things you buy have personal metadata attached to it. Little did she know in that moment I gave her a mind hug. In the rare occasions where we get to connect, she’s one of those people that I value as being truly thoughtful and someone that consistently “gets it”.

After happily declaring that we’re both going to jammify. We head our separate ways and I go home and do exactly that. Was going to try to head to the gym, but we spent more time at Bonnie’s than I had anticipated and the gym is now closed, plus spending all that time in the sun has me completely exhausted. I get home, jammify, and crawl into bed to sleep for 3 hours.


jammify — immediately transform into jammies or pajamas.

Wake up and work on more cleaning activities, make myself perfectly cooked scallops with soy sauce with sesame oil and pepper flakes via the Nomiku for dinner.

I’m extremely lucky to have days like these past two, where I can be selfish and reward myself with leisure after having worked a stress ridden week. And I won’t feel guilty for planning and cherishing my personal time to recharge, as with all good things, they soon will come to an end.

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