Shop-stinance: Day 33

Day 33: Like all citizens of the corporate working world, I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. This morning even though I slept late the night before, I managed to wake up and get into work early enough to prep for some meetings. For most of the day I was pretty slammed, but managed to take two breaks. Had lunch with Arvind and James at this small sushi joint near work where we talked tv shows most of lunch. I actually wasn’t hungry after having a snack at 11:30am, but still managed to over eat this gorgeous chirashi bowl.



Later got in a brief conversation with Reneé. She asks if I’ve ever read “The Fault in Our Stars” because she thinks it’s my type of book. Whereby again, I’m immediately flattered. Amongst all my friends she’s the one of the few who has acknowledged my habit of binge reading. While I don’t read often, when I do I am obsessed, and will not stop, neither for sleep nor Disneyland, nor *gasp* shopping (true story).

Reneé is partially through the young adult novel, and mentions she is pretty sure she’ll be sobbing at the end. But yes, this is a book I’ve heard of and do indeed intend to read. I have wanted to read this after seeing the trailer for the movie, staring Shailene Woodley due out in June. Recently, I feel more and more like movies are fantastic trailers for the books they are based off of. To me choosing to read a book is a far greater investment than watching a film, and the desire to read the book afterwards is to color in all the details of this fictional world that the movie couldn’t contain.

We briefly digress into talking about Shopstinance again. While I’m excited to finally be able to buy something after 40 days, I feel like it needs to be something spectacular and worth waiting for. Maybe it will be the tupperware, since that triggered a huge debate, or the tv to help finish my house, or a new car because it’s huge and my car is almost 10 years old. I’m just not sure what that is yet, I’m glad I have one week to think about it.

Stayed at work till 10:30pm to both catch up on work and let someone borrow my account to debug an issue. Caught up on Game of Thrones in the process via my office tv.

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