Shop-stinance: Day 6

Day 6: Feeling sluggish this morning. Last night was warm and I kept tossing and turning. My left eye has been twitching for the past several days. Was this a side effect from giving up shopping cold turkey? Is that even possible?

Yesterday was my first day back at work after starting this endeavor. Being at work kept me busy most of the day, and the mind off such things as acquiring rare and tasteful items.

Pro shopping tip: Be friends with all your admins/delivery people/etc.

If you ship your purchases to work like I do (there is a package thief in my residential area, so this is mandatory) you will end up seeing your admins very frequently. They are almost akin to a caffeine addict’s regular barista. I see them often and have taken the time to know all of their names: Shelley, Michelle, Lynette, Alex, Katie, the list continues. Believe it or not you need them more than for just passing over the package, they also play the role of cheerleader for this secret pleasure. They help validate that you are indeed, not ordering too much and will help you open doors and also get a rolly cart when you have ordered too much to carry with two hands.

I received 4 boxes yesterday from orders I had placed 2 weeks ago. Post online purchase the process of tracking and waiting is as follows:

  • Verify that confirmation email has hit the email box
  • Check tracking info, even though I know this never works right away
  • Wait, wait, wait
  • Leave email in the inbox and keep checking tracking info until you see it’s in your area
  • Work sends an email when the package has arrived in the loading dock
  • Admin sends another email when the package has arrived at their desk
  • Find 5 mins to spare in the work day to run over and pick up packages
  • Go back to desk to move confirmation emails into the archive folder

Email confirmations must not leave the archive folder until item has been acquired, this way I can be certain that no packages get lost in the fray.

Simple right?

The goods:

  • Goodnight Macaroon: 4 items: Gray + Plaid Sweater, White Zip Jacket, Gray Tunic Sweater, Black Collared White Blouse
Goodnight Macaroon Heather Grey Side Slit Crewneck Red Plaid Sweater

Goodnight Macaroon
Heather Grey Side Slit Crewneck Red Plaid Sweater

  • YesStyle: Double Zip Gray and Black hoodie (I love this)
YesStyle Contrast-Trim Hoodie

YesStyle Contrast-Trim Hoodie

  • Hautelook: Two pairs of Black Ankle Booties. Yes 2, because I couldn’t decide which one looked better online, but now that I get them, I think they both look awesome. Need to return one however, this debate will linger on until the weekend when I have time to return these to store.
  • Bluefly: 4 pairs of AG Jeans.

Post opening and trying on, there is the return process.

  • Whatever didn’t fit and was on final sale goes to ebay
  • Items I just didn’t like immediately go back into the box they came in and packed up with a return label and shipped out the next day.

This morning, didn’t feel much like shopping through the email methods. I think it’s the sluggishness, despite West Elm’s alliteration campaign of “Deep duvet discounts!” I can envision someone sitting at a table, composing this email for duvets, thinking how awesome it would be with that subject line. Whoever wrote this is akin to my own marketing heart. I also love alliteration, but I’m wondering, will it really help sell duvets?

Delete almost all emails this morning without clicking through, the only one that catches my eye is Baggu on Fab. Over on the Fab site I end up pinning one black simple weekender bag.

Bought: 0

Pinned: 1

Sold: 0

Returned: 2

Received: 7

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