Shop-stinance: Day 5

Day 5: What? It’s only been 5 days? Time moves by slowly when you’re keeping track. This morning have decided to do a count down so that at least I have horizon is in sight. Final day will be May 12, and thus I can shop again on the 13th. Brief conversation with Stephen yesterday on the facebooks has also convinced me not to cheat with financing or other options.

This morning’s emails:

  • bluefly is doing 10-40% off all handbags, with some disclaimer of course. Spotted a Large Longchamp Le Pilage bag for ~ 100 that I would suggest to a friend to buy, but red just isn’t her color.
  • Tory Burch Sandals — Dear lover, I adore your ways please come home with me. This calls to a summer getaway in a tropical location where I sip on chilled fresh coconut water while walking along the beach in a white flowy top and floral shorts. An imaginary vacation I haven’t planned yet, but let’s be honest I would never wear these beauties in sand.
Tory Burch lucas FLAT SANDAL

Tory Burch lucas

Didn’t end up looking at cars or tvs for the rest of yesterday, as I got caught up with errands and ebay.

  • Photographed last bag of clothes to sell for the moment and moved them out of the bedroom and into the office.
  • Packed up the 5 items I sold on Saturday to get them ready to ship for Monday.
  • Washed dishes
  • Started sorting the garage for more ebay-able items.
  • Donated a bunch of junk to my nearby Goodwill. Goodbye loud clicking PC keyboard. You served me well almost 10 years ago.
  • Spent an hour at the gym getting my walk on while watching a special on the Marvel Universe and how all the movies + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tie together. Then was completely brainwashed. I had previously had no urge at all to watch Thor: The Dark World, but now I want my universe knowledge to be complete, so added that to the queue of things to do. Which begs the question, does buying digital content count as buying something? I’m actually not sure where this lies. Maybe we could keep it to tangible items?
  • Grabbed gas from Costco
  • Listed 5 more items to eBay.

When coming home from errands I notice that it’s purge time in our neighborhood. Once a year you are able to put junk out on the curb and the city will take all your garbage away for free. A brief moment of value consciousness flashes in my head, free things are not purchased and therefore I can acquire such items!

Decided to walk down my street to see what treasures are to be found.

Urban Treasures

Urban Treasures

While colorful and made to look awesome by Instagram filters, maybe I was being a little too optimistic about this whole trash to treasure idea. Back to the drawing board.

Pretty mundane Sunday, and while usually mundane begs a shopping break, I was too busy ebaying and running around. Rounded the night by taking my parents to dinner, since my mom mentioned how rarely I do that, except when we do get to dinner my dad lists off every meal I’ve ever treated them to that my mom has since forgotten about. My dad is the best.

Ended the night by even more cleaning while catching up on Sunday night television, Revenge and Once Upon a Time were on, didn’t get a chance to finish Game of Thrones yet, but that will live on for tomorrow’s distractions.

It was a good day.

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