This is Us – Noticing

Jack: What happened huh? And don’t tell me you just, you drifted.
Miguel: We did Jack.
Jack: Yeah?
Miguel: Yeah. Not everyone’s like you and Rebecca. You want to know why our marriage ended Jack? Hrm? Ok. Um. For as long as I can remember, I’ve woken up at 6:30 everyday to make Shelly coffee. A splash of milk, two sugars. I would make it and bring it to her in bed. And she says that her day doesn’t even start until she has caffeine in her veins. And then one day woke up, 6:30 like always and I made myself one… I just didn’t feel like making Shelly one. And the worst part is, she didn’t even notice. We stopped noticing each other Jack. We stopped trying to make each other happy. And when we realized that, we knew it was over. Now I think that every single couple has a handful of these moments where you reach a crossroads. Sometimes it happens early on, the first fight. Sometimes it happens 10 years in when you have the same fight about taking out the trash every night of the week. They are make or break these moments. And you either roll up your sleeves, and you fight for what you’ve got or, you decide that you’re tired. And you give up. And I had one of these moments, where I didn’t make Shelly her coffee.

-This Is Us, Season 1, Ep 14 ~ I Call Marriage

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