Wurstküche – Los Angeles, CA

Fortune favors the flexible. Or maybe I just like to see things that way.

I’m in LA roughly every 2 months for a getaway. This started maybe about 2 years ago when a friend and I were discussing inexpensive relaxing trips we could do and LA was it. Being that we go so much we have this routine down. Get hainan chicken, get frothy milk with honey boba, and then go to Disneyland for a day, and eat in Japan town at this Ramen place we like.

Upon arriving at the ramen place… there is a huge line as usual. Something to know about me, I loathe waiting in lines unless I am absolutely craving a particular food from a particular restaurant. Ultimately I’m extremely impatient. Nevertheless we put our name down and I’m looking at their adverts in the window. Yelp to the rescue! There in the window was a listing of the top 10 restaurants in the area from Yelp, and there was Wurstkuche listed as a gastropub. We ditched the line and decided to take a nice stroll over.

We arrive and find a beautiful brick building (sidebar: I LOVE LOVE LOVE spaces with exposed beams and brick walls). So in my book this place is already a winner, then I look at the drink list and Fruli, a strawberry beer is on tap. Done and done. We also get the sun dried tomato & mozzarella (Smoked chicken & turkey) sausage to share as well as white truffle oil glaze fries with curry ketchup sauce and bleu cheese walnut & bacon sauce. The bacon sauce was so good we annihilated it and had to go back for seconds of the sauce. I normally hate bleu cheese, as I generally like milder cheeses but this was amazing.

The outdoor patio was cute, but narrow and very busy, so we opted to sit inside. They had long table benches in the middle like any normal gastropub and smaller tables near the wall. The DJ was playing beats on her MacBook Pro. All in all a very hipstery place for sausages, but tasty food and great beer on tap made this a win.

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