Myhabit, I love you but…

Dear @myhabit,

I love your site and discounted luxury goods, and what’s more I adore your video previews that seamlessly activate from photo to movement. But there are just some basic things that drive me mad about your site/branding.

#1 The item shown in the daily emails as representation of the event is almost NEVER in the event. I almost always want to buy that thing that you are essentially selling me on via the email, only to find it’s rarely in the collection. Disappointment then hits and leave the site empty-handed.

#2 Up the social networking game. The Twitter voice you have is not bad, but the presence on Instagram… is pretty pedestrian for people in fashion. The photos are poorly filtered and post processed, badly cropped and don’t concentrate on fashion. There are 15 year old bloggers that do a better job using Instagram to report on fashion. Please reference @burberry for someone that does it right. They hit on lifestyle, trend, and fashion with beautifully done imagery.

Hope this helps.

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