Goodbye 2012

This year I’m going to have Instagram help me with my year end overview. I think how it’s funny how quickly time passes by and how easy it is to forget all the good things that have happened. So here’s my year so that I can remember it better.

– Rung the new year in at Nopa
– Moved into Santana Row
– Took my parents to visit work.
– Closed escrow on my first house.
– LA tripping to the Los Angeles Central Library, California Science Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Getty Villa, and World of Color.

– Bacon milkshake at JITB. Not good, not good, but Jen finished hers.
– Lost my money at poker night.
– 7D Mangoes from Hawaii
– Made popovers with LK.
– Got locker at the work gym. Great success.
– Jennifer Westfeldt Q&A Session after a preview screening of Friends With Kids.
– Crabtacular
– Test driving cars with Jen

– Linda visits for Pixar screening
– First time meeting baby Abe.
– Picking out tile and stuff for the housey.
– First attempt road trip to Bodie, ended up settling for Mono Lake, since the road to Bodie was closed. T_T

– Matt Nathanson Concert in SF
– First Amtrak train trip ever to Portland and Seattle
– Watched Jiro Dreams of sushi in Portland, then ate at one if his apprentice’s restaurants in Seattle.
– First vacation completely by myself ever.

– Interviewing & got new job
– Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit at the DeYoung

– Brave screening at Pixar
– Upgraded all my hangers to velvet
– Moved into my new house
– Beginning of the house DIY crazy
– First spray tan ever
– Vegas

– Yvo’s bday + truffle honey
– New team offsite
– Yvo engaged!
– Jen’s bday
– My first work launch
– First SF Symphony concert

– Visiting mom in the ER
– Painting the garage
– Yvo asked me to be a bridesmaid
– Starting the Thurs night dinners again
– Birthday Bodie trip
– Tranny makeup trials for Yvo
– Spotted wild turkeys in Fremont
– Dani visits from France

– LA tripping – Hollywood Cemetery for Dirty Dancing
– Carsland
– Meeting baby Ellie
– Dress shopping with Yvo
– Installing garage cabinets
– Building my first desk
– Buying my first Stella bag
– iPhone 5

– Killing my first terrarium
– Linda visits from Singapore and stays over
– Napa with the girlies
– Visiting the SF Library
– Scrubbies with Jen

– Bought new bed frame
– Real makeup trials with Yvo
– Old movie night
– Painting the bedroom
– Urban Thanksgiving
– Forgetting to renew my passport last minute
– Visiting friends in Paris
– DIY jewelry holder

– Portland Part Deux
– Napa
– Time spent with ICE
– Time spent with Tokyopen Shop
– College Reunion with Yohei’s visit
– White Elephant
– Boot closet
– Not So Silent Night

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