Shop-stinance: Day 28

Day 28: I’m still a little zombified and mega missing vacation. Starting to think more and more that I need to fill my world with experiences rather than things.

A bit backlogged on work, I wake up at 6:30am with East Coast jet lag, quickly change and head straight into work. When at the stoplights during my drive, I delete all shopping emails easily from my phone.

Power through a series of meetings and at lunch I have my personal training session where I can now leg press 388 pounds. Great success. I adore my trainer. She’s like a really fun friend to talk to, but who also makes me stretch and forces me to do things that are good for me while we talk about food and movies. She also yells things out like “Open those legs wider! Nothing lady like!” I sheepishly look around to make sure no one is within earshot after she’s yelled, as I spread ‘em.

Once back in the locker room, I text Christina about a CSA she got me into, but digress after seeing a lady bare all she’s got while talking to another coworker. I am part of a gym that is provided by work. Is it really necessary to lotion up your ta-tas, while propping your leg up on a bench, fully nude in a work gym? Maybe I’m being conservative, but honestly, I’m not going to bare my anything at work except for diligence, good follow through and reliability. Christina and I both agree, that if that makes us prudes to be covered up at the gym, so be it.

Back to the office there is a flurry of more meetings. At 3pm I get an email from our admin that I have a package. Totally unexpected, I again think this will be another doppleganger incident. While walking back to my desk, I search the packaging for any familiar markings. It’s indeed for me and the logistics shipping label doesn’t really give a hit to what it is, or where it’s from.

Open the box up to see that Reneé has bought me this beautiful Kate Spade idiom bangle.

For the crême de la crême.

For the crême de la crême.

She asks if it has the proper engraving, but I was so distracted by the fact that it was *shiny* and how it would be paired perfectly with this seafoam green chevron bangle from J.Crew, that I hadn’t noticed. -___-”

Crême de la Crême it reads. She asks if I know what it means, and I start wondering if it’s because it’s because she thinks I can be pretty creamy or swell. Since Reneé is often very witty in her remarks, I try not to interprete her words literally most of the time. (And I mean this in a good way!) “To help you through your 40 days,” she remarks. and mentions that I epitomize what the idiom means. Then flattery takes a seat next to me, smiles warmly and pats me on the head. I blush.

Stayed late to finish up some work, as tomorrow was going to be an even busier day than today. Came home, opened all the windows to my bedroom oven, and passed out while catching up on Revenge & Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

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